Help Handling an Estate Cleanout Near Me

Despite the pandemic, one of the ways we can still be on-site for our clients is with handling an estate cleanout near me. When someone inherits a home and they are too far away or otherwise unable to clean it out, we can be their feet on the ground and take care of it, provided…

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Prepping Your Home for Sale in the Wintertime

Prepping your home for sale

Once you’ve determined it’s time to sell your home, you need to change your perspective a little. Your home is no longer your cocoon from the world – it’s now your most valuable asset that you want to make as attractive to a prospective buyer as possible. Find out our tips for prepping your home…

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Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults

emergency preparedness for older adults

Whether your parent or yourself, it is important to be organized, have a plan and know emergency preparedness for older adults. What to Prepare for Emergencies “To Go Bags” are a quick and easy way to be prepared for an unexpected hospital visit. A little preparation now could save a lot of stress in the…

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Tips to Declutter Your Home for Sale

OK, so you want to get organized on your own. You’ve decided you don’t need anyone’s help, but you don’t know where to start. There are dozens of books, possibly more, written on how to get organized. Read more on our tips to declutter your home for sale We’re not going to try to summarize…

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How to Marie Kondo in Real Life

How to Marie Kondo in Northern Virginia

You’ve seen the shows on TV where a messy, disorganized, and even hoarding house is miraculously cleaned up in one episode, and the gentle guitar music in the background is playing while the homeowners are hugging and the credits roll.

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Decluttering During Divorce Northern Virginia

decluttering during divorce northern virginia

When a marriage ends, both parties are typically hurting and there’s much to figure out, not the least of which is the disposition of the physical items in the house. Find our tips for decluttering during divorce in Northern Virginia. How to Get Started It’s a tender time, as most everything holds meaning or a…

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Downsizing After Death of Spouse in Northern Virginia

downsizing after death of spouse

When a loved one passes, it can take a while before the surviving spouse is able to face going through the home and making decisions about the person’s belongings. It’s a tender time, as most everything holds meaning or a memory. Downsizing after death of spouse can be a difficult task and we can help…

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3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Home Organizer for Help

professional home organizers

With so many home improvement shows that present the “big reveal” of a spotless house after 40 minutes of TV magic, it’s tempting to desire the same “after” look.  You might want to hire a Professional Home Organizer to help you get there. Why Hire a Professional Home Organizer  1. You’re Overwhelmed Maybe you don’t…

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