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Downsizing – Start Slow as You Move Through Your Stuff

A family home is full of memories and childhood knickknacks that take up space and energy. If your adult children have moved out, it may be time to sift through the memorabilia and downsize your belongings. Simplify your life by letting go of the childhood knickknacks – you can take a picture of any precious pieces and store the picture on your computer or phone.  Then you’ll have more physical space to enjoy.  As you pare back through the house, you will be surprised that you don’t need as much space to store all the childhood memorabilia anymore.  It can be liberating!

Is it Time to “Cash in” on Your Purchase of Yesteryear?

When you purchased your home so many years ago, it was an investment – it may be time to cash in that investment, especially if you’re ready to let go of all the maintenance costs for your home, and find something that fits your needs now. The house was great when you were raising a family, but now it just may be too big for you.  Downsizing your property may make financial sense now rather than later.  It might also allow you to move closer to your children and grandchildren if they have moved to another part of the country or world.

Get Your Finances in Order

If you’re ready for the next chapter of your life and a need a new mortgage, keep in mind you might need to look up your credit score (for free on to make sure you’re in good standing financially, and it might make sense to consult your financial advisor to go over options.

How to Get Help Organizing

All of this can be overwhelming, so the best advice is to start slow, don’t be in a hurry, and get professionals to help you through these processes.  A Professional Organizer can help you not only with downsizing your belongings, but also with move management and preparing your home for the market.  An experienced Professional Organizer can work at your pace, answer your questions, and transition you to your next chapter of your life, no matter if it’s by choose or circumstance.

Downsizing Services Near Me

We’ll talk with you about your plans, your timeline, and any special circumstances that you feel need to be addressed. We use a caring, hands-on approach to organizing or decluttering your environment, your relocation, your senior transition, your downsizing, and so much more. Call us at (703) 423-0383