Move Management

Regardless of whether you are upsizing or downsizing, moving is stressful, a ton of work, and sure to occupy many days before and after the big change. We can help take the stress off you and promote a smoother move when you allow us to manage the process from start to finish. We can assist with any and all stages of the move, including identifying what’s moving and what’s not, managing the movers so they can develop the moving estimate, and coordinating with them on moving day. Additionally, within this timeline, we can work with other contractors to make the house shine from basement to attic.

Our Move Management Services include:

  • Work with you to set a moving schedule
  • Interviewing, scheduling and getting estimates from movers
  • Sorting your belongings into keep, sell, donate or trash
  • Decluttering and staging your house for a quick sale
  • Overseeing movers on packing day and organizing your home as movers unpack
  • Ensuring the home is completely empty for new buyers by closing