Senior Housing Transitions

When it’s time to move, whether by choice or circumstance, we are attuned to a senior’s needs and offer experience, understanding, and compassion. Finding the new home or Assisted Living Community, determining what belongings move with the senior, making the arrangements, interviewing and going with you to look at a new place, and orchestrating the move all require an attention to detail, and a caring, patient approach. It can be difficult navigating this change by yourself. We have the skills, resources, and gentle demeanor to make the process run smoothly and calmly.

Our Senior Housing Transitions Services include:

  • Sorting through financial, medical, investment, and personal documents and working with you to decide to shred, keep, or organize
  • Previewing the prospective retirement home, nursing home, or assisted living home
  • Advocating for the client with the management as you work through the process of moving in
  • Creating a lay-out and organizing furniture placement at the new space so you know what to take before the move
  • Unpacking, arranging, and organizing all belongings during the move in
  • If needed, finding caregivers, housekeepers, other services for you to interview