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I contacted Great Falls Organizers after listing a two-bedroom condo for an elderly woman who was moving out of the country after living in her condo for 30 years. Not only did Karen and Veronica work with her on decluttering, donating, and rightsizing what was to be shipped overseas, they staged the place with some of the existing furniture not being shipped. When we came back to take the photos for the MLS, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The condo went on the market and after it sold Great Falls Organizers came back and emptied out the condo before closing. It was a win/win.
J. from Arlington, VA

I needed to downsize from a four-bedroom home to an apartment I had found. However, work needed to be done in the apartment before I could move in, including flooring, painting, and many other repairs, and I needed to figure out what would fit in my new space from my old home. I hadn’t a clue where to start and I needed to be out of my home since it had sold. I needed contractors, movers, suggestions, and help. I was given a card from a friend who had used Great Falls Organizers. I am a widow and honestly, I had never handled any of this stuff before. They came and talked with me about what was needed and my timeline. Yes, it was a rush to get things done for the move, but by the end of the consultation, we agreed that they could begin booking contractors for estimates, having them bring samples of flooring and paint wheels to the apartment, and scheduling donation trucks for pickup at the house. Work was booked and completed for the apartment as they managed onsite contractors and helped me plan for what I wanted to take with me to fit in my smaller space. I will pass their business card on!

J. from Great Falls, VA

Karen and Veronica are masters at their craft. They had patience with me as a client and helped me to get focused. They do great work. Do yourself a favor – stop being frustrated about those organizational projects and call Great Falls Organizers. They will help you get it done in no time!

T. from Loudoun, VA
senior housing transitions

I realized as a real estate broker, that a month had passed and still the owner of my new listing had not started the very large cleanout of their home. I realized that if this house was to get into the MLS anytime soon, I needed to bring in help to assist the owner in this very large and overwhelming project. I called Great Falls Organizers and had a phone consultation with Veronica and asked if she would contact my client and just sit down and talk with her. It took three weeks of canceled appointments with the owner of the home, but Veronica was patient and eventually met with the owner. It took several months of working within the owner’s timeframe. She coordinated with other service providers to remove, donate, and clean out the home. When the day came for the moving truck to arrive and the house went on the market, it sold in 30 days. Many thanks to Great Falls Organizers for handling my client with compassion and not giving up on her.

S. from McLean, VA
senior housing transitions

I used Great Falls Organizers to transition my mother from a Senior Living place to a Memory Care Facility. Seeing my mother in this state was so hard and frustrating to me. They downsized everything to fit her new needs, scheduled the donation truck, booked the local mover and even chatted with my mother and made her part of the process. I appreciated the attention they gave to a very hard situation for me. I would recommend them for any stage of transitioning for your parents. Thank you for helping me in an already stressful situation.

N. from McLean, VA

These ladies are amazing. They helped me declutter and manage improvements to my whole house on a strict timeline. We made our targets and now my house is on the market. It was tough work, but Karen and Veronica kept the momentum going and made it fun in the process. We managed it all, decluttering every room, painting, refinishing floors, renovating bathrooms, basement improvements, carpet cleaning, donations and trash trucks – the whole thing. I was so happy with the transformation of my home.

E. from Vienna, VA
prepping for sale northern virginia

Karen and Veronica are very experienced and thoughtful organizers. They helped sort through, pack, and move the belongings of an older sibling, who had suddenly moved to a nursing home, leaving her home in disarray. They were the primary point of contact to clean out and stage the house before putting it on the market. It was a very challenging project, for many furnishings, clothes, and other belongings had accumulated over the years. They went through everything with great sensitivity, selecting belongings that would still be of use, carefully preserving those items that would be meaningful to family and friends, arranging for the sale of other items, and organizing charities to receive the rest. They maintain relationships with charities throughout the area and can recommend places where contributions will do the most good. They also know how to stage a home for sale; the house sold in one week! Their rates are reasonable, and their work is most effective. They were a great pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them for any similar project you may have.

R. from Arlington, VA

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