"Karen and Veronica are very experienced and thoughtful organizers. They helped sort through, pack and move the belongings of an older sibling, who had suddenly moved to a nursing home, leaving her home in disarray. They were the primary point of contact to clean out and stage the house before putting it on the market. It was a very challenging project, for many furnishings, clothes and other belongings had accumulated for years. They went through everything with great sensitivity, selecting belongings that would still be of use, carefully preserving those items that would be meaningful to family and friends, arranging for the sale of other items, and organizing charities to receive the rest. They maintain relationships with charities throughout the DC region, and can recommend places where contributions will do the most good. They also know how to stage a home for sale; the house sold in one week! Their rates are reasonable and their work is most effective. They were a great pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them for any similar project you may have."

- Richard

"These ladies are amazing. They helped me declutter and manage improvements to my whole house on a strict timeline. We made our targets and now my house is on the market. It was tough work, but Karen and Veronica kept the momentum going and made it fun in the process. We managed it all: decluttering every room, painting, refinishing floors, renovating bathrooms, basement improvements, carpet cleaning, donation and trash trucks, - the whole thing. I am happy to share some of the before and after pictures of my home's transformation!"

- Ellen

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