Staging Your Home for Sale with Your Own Furniture

Studies show that a home with less furniture and clutter simply shows better — allowing prospective buyers to see a true representation of the potential space. The last thing you want is a prospective buyer leaving your home thinking it was too small to fit their belongings or needs. The less clutter and furniture crowding the areas of the home, the more likely the potential buyer can envision their items in your space and see themselves living there. Make it easier for them with staging from Great Falls Organizers. We can manage everything from curb to closet.

Our Staging a Home for Sale Services include:

  • Rearranging furniture to improve room flow
  • Project managing any changes needed update your home
  • Managing the pack-up and move to a storage unit
  • Decluttering the surroundings from too many pictures to overcrowded counters
  • Recycling, donating, managing any service provider from yard prep to cleaning