Spring Selling Season has Sprung | Spring Market Cleaning Tips

Despite the fluctuating weather patterns lately, many of our realtor friends are telling us the spring selling market has sprung and their phones are ringing non-stop. That’s encouraging news! But what we’re also hearing is that once they get the listing, the tough part is getting the property ready to be seen by the buying public.

Spring Market Cleaning Tips

While most sellers will understand the need to tidy up the property, oftentimes they don’t have the time to do it themselves, they don’t see the need to do everything the realtor suggests, or they don’t know where to start. Then it can become a cat and mouse game with the realtor gently nudging the home owner to get things done, and the home owner trying to figure out where they can find the time and energy in their already-packed schedules.

Professional Organizer in Real Estate

This is the perfect time to introduce a Professional Organizer (PO) to the home owner. The PO has the “big picture” in mind as they work through the property with the home owner to get it prepped for sale, but also has the attention to detail to make sure the little things aren’t missed in the process.

Asset to a Realtor

Since the realtor’s job is to SELL SELL SELL, even the most organized realtor doesn’t have the time to focus on the home owner’s stuff. The realtor focuses on researching the comps, determining a marketing strategy, arriving at a selling price that meets the seller’s needs, listing the property on the MLS, and scheduling everything from the photo shoot to the production of marketing materials. There’s no time for the realtor to be going through the home owner’s garage, closets, and living areas to declutter and depersonalize the home.

A Professional Organizer brings years of experience in prepping homes for sale and finding all the ways to make the house shine. They are not a cleaning company; their expertise is in helping the home owner pare back and store belongings to help the spaces in the home look roomier, decluttered, less personalized, and more inviting from the curb to the closet.

How to Sell in the Spring, Fast

The realtor’s job is to be the home owner’s team captain in getting the house to the market and sold. The realtor builds the team of other players to get the property ready, which would include a Professional Organizer, as well as other contractors to perform home maintenance tasks for necessary updates or fixes.

Why Hire a Professional Organizer Before Your Next Home Sale

Great Falls Organizers can be your quarterback in this process – working with the homeowner to take action on items no longer needed or wanted that are taking up space, arranging for donation trucks or haulers to come and get the excess items, identifying items that should go to storage during the selling period, and helping the homeowner start to see their home through the eyes of a potential buyer. We can prioritize areas so that other contractors (such as painters, flooring specialists, HVAC, closet designers, handymen, and inspectors) can operate concurrently, as we work through the property and get it ready for the photos and listing to go live.