Handling an Estate Cleanout in Northern Virginia | Tips from Professional Organizers

Handling an Estate Cleanout

First, so sorry for the loss of your parents. Not only are you in an emotional time, but now you have there stuff to deal with and this will be emotional too. Find out about our tips for handling an estate cleanout in Northern Virginia from Professional Home Organizers.

Handling an Estate Cleanout

How to Handle Memories and Making Hard Decisions

Seeing, touching, remembering and making hard decisions on what to do with all these things that “don’t bring you joy” is going to be very hard.

Getting Help Processing the Estate

It would be emotionally and physically to your benefit to hire an organizer to work by your side to move the process along and help your make decisions on were this stuff is to go and why. 

Get a Neutral Opinion

Let some one else that does not have any attachment to this stuff, help you through the process.  They can look at this stuff through fresh eyes. 

How Home Organizers Can Help

Organizers partner with other service providers and charities, and can help place your parents stuff that will do the most good.  

An organizer also has connections to online sellers, this could be of service to you for selling the unwanted items. 

Preparing the Home for Sale

They can also help in prepping the house for sale and getting it ready it for the market, working with a realtor to get you the best market price. 

An organizer can help you, help your realtor prep for sale, manage any work needed to prep the house for sale, and stage the home with furniture within the house from your parents to keep costs down.  An organizer can help you as you transition through this chapter of your life. 

Handling an Estate Cleanout in Northern Virginia

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