How to Marie Kondo in Real Life

How to Marie Kondo in Northern Virginia

You’ve seen the shows on TV where a messy, disorganized, and even hoarding house is miraculously cleaned up in one episode, and the gentle guitar music in the background is playing while the homeowners are hugging and the credits roll.

How to Marie Kondo in Real Life

You think, “I want that – how hard can it be?”
First of all, that episode isn’t reality. Even though they might say it took 4 days or a week to accomplish, most likely it took multiple weeks, and they condensed it to look easier than it is. Besides, it’s the TV crew’s full-time JOB to make it look easy.

Overcoming Real Life Obstacles to Organize

If you’re employed, have a family, have a physical or psychological issue, or any combination of the above, you can’t make it your full-time job to tackle this kind of project alone. That’s why you call in the pro’s – Professional Organizers who have seen it all and can help make order out of your chaos.

From Marie Kondo Inspiration to Action

Since 2011, Great Falls Organizers has been helping clients with all kinds of special circumstances regain control of their space and love their homes again. We guide you through the process, at whatever level of involvement you want, to get the project done and able to be maintained.

How to Organize in Northern Virginia Real Life

So, “How hard can it be?” It depends on how much time, strength, effort, and focus you can bring to the project. Allow us to be your springboard to get the job done so you can devote your time, strength, effort, and focus to the other parts of your life.