You’ll Never Guess the Most Important Skill |Organizer Northern Virginia

Sorry for the click-bait, but this skill is so important I couldn’t risk putting it in the headline. 

We all do it every day, but sometimes not well.  We all rely on it every day, but are often frustrated. We all think others should be doing it better. 

What am I referring to?  Is it scheduling?  Project management? Being prepared for a meeting? Following through on a commitment? Multi-tasking? Prioritizing?

Skills for Success

Though all those skills are important at specific times, they’re not the most important skill in my book.

What I’ve found is that most people are not great at communicating, and it’s getting worse. 

I could point to any number of contributing factors and observable symptoms, but the bottom line is we all could use a little refresher course in communications, both conveying information and listening.

Why is this so important that I would write a blog about it?  Because it’s integral to the work I do as a Professional Organizer.

Characteristics of a Good Communicator

Being a good communicator to me means a lot of things, but primarily:

  • understanding the perspective(s) of my audience
  • clearly understanding what you’re saying
  • clearly imparting information to you
  • asking questions and actively listening to your answers
  • admitting I don’t know the answer to a question, yet committing to finding the answer
  • keeping you updated on developments/changes in status.

These actions take time, focus, and caring. Too often it seems communication takes a back seat to not having enough time, juggling too many things, and not really caring if the other person’s needs for information are being met.

Why Communication is Important for Professional Organizing

When we work with clients, communication takes center stage.  We do not judge a person’s collections, state of their home, or hopes and dreams for their belongings – we listen carefully and come up with a plan to enact what they want to do. We ask questions to help the client arrive at decisions, offer suggestions and alternatives where we think they might be helpful, and follow-through on all the actions we said we would do.

Success in Organizing Your Business or Home

Communication depends on a level of respect between people. We will always show respect for our clients, just as we would want others working with us to show us respect and honor our wishes. I would rather over-communicate with you to be certain we are on the same page, than short-change the communication and hope that it works out alright. Because if it doesn’t work out, I am sure you’ll be communicating with me on how I let you down.

We will take the time, focus, and level of caring necessary to thoroughly communicate with our clients, our referral partners, and others in our circle of influence. It’s important, respectful, and at the core of our business.

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