Tips to Declutter Your Home for Sale

OK, so you want to get organized on your own. You’ve decided you don’t need anyone’s help, but you don’t know where to start. There are dozens of books, possibly more, written on how to get organized. Read more on our tips to declutter your home for sale

We’re not going to try to summarize them or find some new angle. But we will share with you some tips to get started and make whatever your approach successful.

tips to declutter your home for sale

1. Dress as if you mean business.

Not formal office attire – but also not pajamas or flip flops. You need to be able to move, reach, bend, carry, and walk without worrying about tripping or being seen by the neighbors.

2. Nourish, caffeinate, and medicate as appropriate.

The day you start your organizing project is not the day to start a new diet or decide to go caffeine-free. You need your strength, blood sugar, and focus to be optimal.

3. Get the supplies ready. 

Lots of boxes and bags for: donate, sell, act on, put elsewhere, trash, recycle, shred. Markers. Packing paper. Bubble wrap. Packing tape.

4. Block off no more than 2-3 hours per session.

You’ll be sick of making decisions and dealing with your stuff after that amount of time.

5.  Clean up after every session.

Put the “donate” boxes in your car or in a designated spot for pickup. Take out the trash and recyclables. Put away the items in the “put elsewhere” box. Don’t leave these things out – having them leave your home will help you visualize the progress you’re making.

6.  If you find it’s too taxing (mentally, physically, psychologically) to work by yourself, get help.

Professional Organizers are able to draw upon years of experience helping people just like you get started and see the project through. Great Falls Organizers is ready to help you. Just give us a call and we’ll do more than give you tips to declutter your home for sale.

Ready? Get Set, GO!