J. from Great Falls, VA

I needed to downsize from a four-bedroom home to an apartment I had found. However, work needed to be done in the apartment before I could move in, including flooring, painting, and many other repairs, and I needed to figure out what would fit in my new space from my old home. I hadn’t a clue where to start and I needed to be out of my home since it had sold. I needed contractors, movers, suggestions, and help. I was given a card from a friend who had used Great Falls Organizers. I am a widow and honestly, I had never handled any of this stuff before. They came and talked with me about what was needed and my timeline. Yes, it was a rush to get things done for the move, but by the end of the consultation, we agreed that they could begin booking contractors for estimates, having them bring samples of flooring and paint wheels to the apartment, and scheduling donation trucks for pickup at the house. Work was booked and completed for the apartment as they managed onsite contractors and helped me plan for what I wanted to take with me to fit in my smaller space. I will pass their business card on!