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My eyes are dilated today from an eye exam, and everything looks super bright and fuzzy.  All around me, I see light bouncing off surfaces. While it’s beautiful and brilliant, it’s also too bright, so I end up squinting to make it more bearable. If you are looking for home organizers near me, look no further!

Do You See the Problem?

Sometimes when we help clients go through their belongings, it’s as if they’re seeing things for the first time again.  Memories surface when pictures, outgrown clothes and toys, and mementoes are discovered in a long-forgotten box or drawer.  Their eyes light up and they often say, “I haven’t seen this in years. It was in 19….,” and they’re taking a stroll down Memory Lane.

Others might think this behavior is a stalling tactic or a waste of time.  But that’s not how we see it.

Downsizing with a Purpose

This diversion is important so the client mentally can work through the process of downsizing and letting things go.  The client sets the pace, so they’re able to make progress without feeling rushed.  It truly is a process: the client sees the item, remembers why they have it or why it was important at some time, and decides whether or not they still need or want it around.  Sometimes they ask us for our opinion, and we usually reply with probing questions, such as, “When was the last time you used it?  Is it something you can still use and enjoy?  Does it fit your lifestyle now and going forward?”

Often clients don’t really see what they’ve accumulated until it’s time to downsize.  They’re so used to things being in a specific spot, that they’ve forgotten all about it until it’s time to go through it.  They get better at making decisions as we make our way through the house.  By the time we’re done, they tell us they feel lighter, freer, and better able to see their future.

How to Get Started with Organizing

So look around you, and really see what surrounds you. Is it time to cull through your belongings so you can face your future with only what you want and need? If so, Great Falls Organizers can help you sort through it all so you can enjoy your life without the clutter dragging you down. We’ll see that you get there, no squinting necessary.

Home Organizer Near Me

We’ll talk with you about your plans, your timeline, and any special circumstances that you feel need to be addressed. We use a caring, hands-on approach to organizing or decluttering your environment, your relocation, your senior transition, your downsizing, and so much more. Call us at (703) 423-0383