Organizing Tips for the Holidays Northern Virginia

organizing tips for the holidays northern virginia

Budget-friendly tips for the holidays in Northern Virginia on getting your home ready for the holidays.

organizing tips for the holidays

Festive Decorations

Change out a throw blanket and decorative pillows to festive ones

Buy & Giveaway at the Same Time

Retire a few old holiday decorations and introduce a few new ones that reflect new interests

Set the Mood

Add scents to the air- essential oil fragrances or holiday-scented candles.

Organizing Tips for the Holidays

Dining in this year?

  1. Polish your good silverware and use it
  2. Plan your menu in advance
  3. Candles, candles, candles – the new LED ones are pretty and safe
  4. Make it a group project: order a meal prep service and have everyone pitch in and crank up the tunes! There are many meal prep online service that deliver right to your door.

Still need to shop?

Keep down the clutter by opting for gift certificates, tickets to shows, and travel in lieu of items that will add to more stuff.