Downsizing After Death of Spouse in Northern Virginia

downsizing after death of spouse

When a loved one passes, it can take a while before the surviving spouse is able to face going through the home and making decisions about the person’s belongings. It’s a tender time, as most everything holds meaning or a memory. Downsizing after death of spouse can be a difficult task and we can help in Northern Virginia

downsizing after death of spouse

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

If you’re dealing with this situation, give yourself the gift of leveraging your time and effort by working with a Professional Organizer who can guide you through the home and help you plan for life on your own.

Do You Need to Downsize?

Perhaps you’re thinking the home is too big for you now and you want to downsize for independent or assisted living. It’s important to know when downsizing after death of spouse where you want to live and research living options in that area.

Determining which pieces of furniture, artwork, rugs, clothing, and other household items you will need (and will fit) in your new home will save time and money by paying to move only what’s appropriate in the new space.

Help Downsizing After Death of Spouse in Northern Virginia

Great Falls Organizers will gently help you decide what mementos of your loved one to keep and which to release for a new life somewhere else, and will plan with you the layout of your new home, so it feels familiar but is right-sized for your new situation.

And if your larger home needs work before you can sell it, we have many trusted, local service providers to call upon for painting, roofing, flooring, and other needs.

It doesn’t have to be a lonely and overwhelming experience. Allow Great Falls Organizers to help you with this journey.